Which Home Architectural Style is Right for You?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 6:56am.

Which Home Architectural Style is Right for You?Home architectural styles can vary dramatically. If you're searching for a Bow Meadows home, it's important to recognize that not every architectural style will fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Knowing the different home styles and how they can affect you can help you decide for yourself which architectural styles to focus on when you're looking for a home. Having this information can help you narrow your search.

Want to Age In Place?

Some activities become more difficult when you get older. Specifically, going up and down stairs and performing household chores can become very challenging. For this reason, people who want to age in place usually look for a home that is in good shape and unlikely to need major maintenance or renovation. They're also attracted to homes that are compact and lacking stairs.

Ranch Style

Ranch-style homes are usually spread out over one ground-level storey. Most ranch-style homes date back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s, so they're relatively new and sturdy, requiring less maintenance than some older homes. However, ranch homes sometimes need plumbing or electrical upgrades to avoid safety hazards in the home.

West Coast Modern

West Coast Modern homes are usually one storey but sometimes can be multiple stories. These homes have a sleek modern look with large windows. Like ranch-style homes, West Coast Modern homes generally date back to the mid-20th century, and thus are often in good condition and require only a standard amount of maintenance.

Have Small Children?

People with growing families are often attracted to homes that have few stairs, but enough room for their kids to spread out. Parents of small children are often on a budget and have little money leftover for major home improvements.

Split Level

Split-level homes were popular from the 1950s up through the 1970s. These homes have some stairs, but not as many stairs as homes that are two storeys or more. Because many split-level homes were built in the 1970s, they are relatively new and often need minimal upkeep.

Ranch Style

Ranch-style homes are just as attractive to parents of young children as they are to seniors, for many of the same reasons. They're easy to maintain and often have no stairs.

Love Big Homes and Romance?

Home buyers who love big homes and romance are often drawn to Victorian homes, which can date back to as far as the 1880s. These homes can also be a drain on finances because they tend to be energy inefficient and often in need of upgrades. People attracted to Victorian homes are usually those who have a true love of historic architecture, money to dedicate to maintenance and upkeep, and time to put into their home. Victorian homes are often large and generally somewhat costly, so people with older children and big families are sometimes attracted to these properties.

Contact Your Real Estate Professional

Want to buy a home? Not sure which style is right for you? Your real estate agent can help you with your decision. Although no real estate professional can tell you what to buy, your agent can help you make your decision by showing you a variety of styles in the neighbourhoods where you would like to make your purchase. Looking at different homes can make this decision-making process easier.

If you're a home buyer who would like to purchase your first home and you're not sure which style is right, reach out to an experienced real estate professional today.

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