4 Reasons to Use a Drone When Selling Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 8:13am.

4 Advantages of Using Drones to Sell Your HomeThere are many strategies homeowners use when trying to sell their home. Whether it’s hiring a professional home stager or doing professional landscaping, there are many ways to attract buyers. Recently, drones have become more accessible, and people have come to use them to take pictures and video of nearly anything—including homes. There are many great reasons why homeowners should use drone photography for their homes. Here are some of the biggest advantages.

Hiring a Drone Operator is Affordable

The biggest reason people automatically write drones off is because they seem like they would be extremely expensive. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be. Drones can actually be extremely affordable, with one session costing between $200-$600. The price will vary depending on what the homeowner wants done. For instance, a session that’s exclusively taking still photos will be less expensive than a session where the homeowner wants both photos and video. Most drone operators also include photo and video editing into the session costs, so the homeowner won’t need to worry about having to pay extra money later for editing services.

Drones Are Great for Large Properties

Some homeowners have large properties that are multiple acres in size. It can be difficult to capture just how large a property like that is with just photos, especially if the land is flat and doesn’t have much variation. Hiring a drone operator can be a great way to show off an entire property clearly. Having drone videos can be a great way to show off natural features of the property, such as ponds, streams, or other similar things, which is extremely useful to buyers who want to know exactly what they’re buying.

Drones Are Capable of Better Angles

Homeowners often discover when trying to take photos on their own that it’s difficult to get angles that make their homes look good. This is often because the person taking the photo can’t get far enough up off the ground to get the right angle. With a drone that can hover in the air at any height, that isn’t an issue. Drones can capture images of homes from any angle that the homeowner could possibly want, and that includes interior photos as well. With photos taken by a drone, there are very few barriers to what can and can’t be done.

Drones Can Show Off More Than Just the Home

Another great advantage of using drones is that they can capture more than just the home. If the homeowner wants to include images of the surrounding neighborhood, hiring a drone operator makes that easy. Drones can easily fly over the neighborhood and show off where local schools are, nearby parks, and so on. This can be a great way to show buyers where the home is in relation to all the different local attractions. When a buyer is looking for a new home, these sorts of things are extremely important to them—especially if they’re new to the area and don’t know where everything is yet.

Drones are a great asset to real estate, and all Bow Ridge home sellers need to consider hiring a drone operator to help bring their home listings to the next level. For more information about drones and home photos, be sure to contact a local drone operator who can clarify any possible questions.

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