Tips for Designing an Organized Home Office

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at 8:04am.

Ways to Be Creatively Efficient When You Need to Work from HomeWhether you're telecommuting, writing a book or in the first stages of building an entrepreneurial enterprise, the basic needs for a West Valley home office setup are essentially the same. Here's what to consider before you set up shop:


If a dedicated room is out of the question, try to arrange space that allows a modicum of privacy even when others are at home. Revamp a little-used storage area or walk-in closet, carve a mini-office out of a wide spot in a hallway, or install partitions to create an ell in a corner of another room. As an alternative, pick a part-time bedroom, and equip the space with a convertible sofa or a Murphy bed for guests. Avoid working from your own bedroom, if at all possible.


Assure that circuits, receptacles, the equipment you need to run your business, and general electrical needs are sufficient for necessary electronics, whether you're simply working from a computer or using hand tools and other equipment.


Business supplies take up space. Determine what your needs will be, and then install file cabinets, counters and shelving to hold what you need. Use bins, baskets and movable totes to corral needed supplies if that's the only option, but try to assure that what you need is close at hand and easily accessible.

Work Surfaces

Most home offices require a dedicated work surface; the size of the space depends on the kind of work you do. If you must spread out blueprints or work with multiple sample books, you might appreciate an area the size of a ping pong table. On the other hand, if a laptop and a cell phone are the only work tools, a child-size desk and a suitable chair would work.


A combination of natural and general illumination is ideal. But don't forget targeted task lighting to avoid eye strain, and to allow you to work into the evening hours.


Even though you might always work alone in your home office, the addition of a comfortable chair for reading, or even a stool or bench to allow a quick visit from a spouse or a child, would add to the ambiance of your work space.

Working from home can be a challenge, but if you plan your space well, use multi-purpose furniture and provide for comfort as well as efficiency, even a sliver of space can function effectively for all but the most specialized business needs.

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