ROI for Bathroom Renovations

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, November 14th, 2019 at 9:39am.

Best Bathroom Renovations for ROIBathrooms give Riverview homeowners a chance to show off their creativity, design skills, and showmanship. But before homeowners get caught up in the fantasy of a sunken tub and rain showers, it helps to consider which renovations will do the most for the eventual resale of the home. Most homeowners aren't necessarily looking for the most expensive materials, so redecorating may not be as expensive as homeowners think. We'll give you a few tips to maximize investment and make every dollar count.

Noticeable Changes

There is a sizable range when it comes to how much an owner can sell their home for, but that range is still limited by the surrounding neighborhood. Doing a little research on the average prices on a block can make it easier to know how much to budget for the bathroom.

Homeowners should aim to make noticeable changes to their bathroom to help make people feel welcomed and calm. The bathroom can be a sanctuary for many people, giving them the space and resources to look and feel beautiful. Homeowners who concentrate on the feeling the bathroom evokes typically come out on top.

Fix the Fixtures

The handles of the doors, the knobs on the cabinets, and faucet fixtures can all lend themselves to the general theme of the room. The colors, shapes, and sizes of each one can give the room a mini-makeover and even inspire the homeowner to choose a color scheme to work best for them. Now is also a good time to think about the lighting in the room. Homeowners who use the wrong light bulb are not only increasing their utility bills, but they could also be creating dangerous shadows, which can be hazardous and lead to accidents or injuries.

Think of Everyone

A universal bathroom is used by everyone, regardless of age or ability. These practical bathroom tips can increase resale value because they accommodate those who may need a little extra attention.

  • Purchase and install a higher toilet
  • Add non-slip elements to the floor
  • Modify the shower so it's a step-in
  • Select a customized handrail for the tub

These steps are especially recommended for those whose neighborhood demographics are changing. For example, if homeowners are seeing more retirees moving into the neighborhood, these changes can instantly make a home that much more valuable.

Retile the Bathroom

The tiles of today are truly incredible for anyone who wants to take the next step. From patterns to colors to materials, new tiles can refresh the room in ways homeowners may not have even considered. Those who want to conserve their budget may want to talk to local construction workers. Sometimes they'll sell scrap tiles at a much cheaper price than a typical store.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Homeowners often overlook just how big of an impact paint can produce. This technique can smooth out rough walls or floors and give the room an entirely new look. When it comes to ROI, this is usually the most effective choice for practically any homeowner. Choose a neutral color still warm enough to tempt future buyers. In other words, they should have no trouble picturing themselves relaxing in the tub after a long day of work.

Redoing a bathroom can improve the quality of life for both owners and buyers. Owners are welcome to make all the changes they choose, but these suggestions are more likely to produce better returns.

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