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Lewis Lavoie is the creator of the Mural Mosaic. This is the process of taking a variety of paintings and strategically placing them in an order so that they make a large mural. Lavoie created his first Mural Mosaic in 1997. It was created to be displayed on a retaining wall that was located next to an art museum in St. Alberta. In 2004, Lavoie decided to get more artists involved in his mural making.

It was during a charity event, 24-hour paint-a-thon, that he took a variety of panels that were different colours and shapes to give artist and encourage them to create a picture of their own. The artist took the panels and created paintings, and then return them to Lavoie. The mural was stunning once the panels were placed together.

From there, Lavoie

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Guy’s Café and Bakery happily serves the Cochrane, Alberta community. They are located at 6-201 Grand Boulevard, and offer a variety of delectable treats. This Café provides a number of specials each day, which includes daily soup, salad, baked bread and pastries.  Quality food and quality service is highly important to the staff at Guy’s Café and Bakery.

The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. Staff will make you feel right at home, and have you wanting to come back time and time again. Among their offerings you will find Specialty coffee, tasty treats and a number of meal options.

Here are some of the options you will find on the menu:

  • Coffee Bar: Americano, High Test, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Milky Way, Honey Nut, and
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Owned and operated by Camille Elain, whose parents own the Rocky View Mall. After working at Matadors for several years, he moved on to a higher paying career working for oil rigs. He knew that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and own his own business.

Camille never lost his love for the food industry, and that is when he decided to venture into the food business himself. He grew up in Calgary and had a true love for the Cochrane community. His father made room for his son's new business in the Rockey View Mall.

At the young age of 22, Camille became the owner of Donair on the Run. Today, his business is still going strong. Donair is celebrating their tenth anniversary. Camille hopes to expand his restaurant to make more room for

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Situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and a short drive from Calgary, you will find the Links of GlenEagles. This is a prestigious golf course that provides beautiful scenery, as well as a course to advance your golf skills. 18 holes of golf are offered, and the course is designed for all levels. You don’t have to be a pro to play golf here, but the course will present challenges to seasoned players.

Staff members are delightful, and make the Links of GlenEagles a pleasure to visit. The Links of GlenEagles have been named a Play Golf Calgary Golf Facility, with their other two courses Blue Devil Golf Club and Heather Glen Golf Course.

The Course

The course contains beautiful fairways, nearly 100 bunkers, a wealth of white sand and a variety

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You have probably heard about home staging that will help you sell your home faster by making it look better. This is indeed a great way to set up your home for potential buyers, but what if you are selling your Cochrane home while operating on a strict budget?

Here are some tips to help you set up your home for a faster sale even if you are working on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spare.

Borrow from friends and family

If you have a piece of despicable furniture sitting in your living room, ask your friends or family if they have a sofa in one of their extra rooms that you can borrow. A lot of people have extra furniture that they use in a recreation room or sitting room that they never use.

Look at second hand stores

Take a

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If it is an adventure that you want, then Pika-Adventures has you covered. They cater to their clients, and offer a customized experience. Rather, you want to spend the day hiking or have a multiple day excursion, Pika has you covered. Locations such as the Rockey Mountain National Park, Western Canada and Kanaskis Country are all favourites among patrons who have indulged in Pika-Adventures.

There are several adventures you can indulge in, but act fast because there are only a number of slots that can be taken up. Pika-Adventures are so popular that availability fills up fast.

From Sky-To-Sea

This is by far the most popular excursion that Pika offers. It includes adventures through Calgary, Rocky Mountains, and Vancouver Island. This excursion

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Tim’s Gourmet Pizza has just opened a new location in the heart of Cochrane. It is conveniently located within the shopping area. They serve up lunch and dinner, and their restaurant is tastefully decorated.

With 28 five-star reviews and 5 four-star reviews, Tim’s Gourmet Pizza is currently the #1 restaurant listed on TripAdvisor for the Cochrane area. They have yet to see a negative review and many have stated the food and service are better than anywhere else in the area.

Menu options include a variety of pizzas and pastas made from scratch. Hold your next party or special event at Tim’s Gourmet Pizza. Call ahead of time to reserve a spot. Tim’s offers a variety of organic sodas, which includes Root Beer and Sarsaparilla, Orange Cream, Grape,

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Whether your home has been on the market for a few months or only a few weeks, you may be wondering why your house selling efforts are not producing the results you want. When it’s a buyer’s market, even the slightest slip can cause potential home buyers to give a pass to your house. Here are a few reasons why people aren’t putting in offers for your home.

Overpricing your home is often the number one reason why a house, condo or townhome won’t sell. You may feel your home is worth a million dollars but if the value of similar homes on the market is only a few hundred thousand then you are scaring away buyers before they even take a tour. Talk to your real estate agent and reevaluate the house selling price to make sure it is in-line with the market.

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Pure Mountain Adventure is a touring company with plenty to offer the Cochrane area. This eco-tourism company provides small, intimate tours allowing you to gain a more personal experience. The tours have ten or less people per tour.

The company is located in central Alberta. They use many of the Provincial Parks of the Canadian Rockies and Kootenays for their tours. The tours cover many popular areas including:

  • Kimberly
  • Kananaskis Country
  • Banff
  • Lake Louise
  • And Many More!

The tours are split into summer, winter and rafting tours with plenty of great choices.

Summer Tours

The summer tours require at least 4 people, but no more than 10. Some of the tour choices include:

  • Banff Day Tour - Includes pick up and drop off,
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