August 2017

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Most fixer uppers can require a lot of time and resources to become a functional, pleasant place to live. For first time home buyers, or for homebuyers who have never taken on a major renovation project, it can be hard to tell if a fixer upper is a manageable commitment. Before you sign a contract, these tips will help you evaluate your situation and decide whether or not a fixer upper is right for you. 

Evaluate Your DIY Skills

Even if you're a homeowner who plans to hire a contractor for the majority of the work, DIY skills can still come in handy. Homes with old plumbing, old electrical work and other neglected or aging systems often need a variety of repairs. Typical repairs a home owner may need to perform include:

  • Fixing minor leaks
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Tips for Buying a HomeBuying a first home can be stressful as well as challenging. However, conducting proper research, knowing your priorities and finding a good real estate agent can help make the home buying process a little less difficult and a lot more rewarding.

Research Neighbourhoods

Researching neighbourhoods can help you determine the part of town where you'd like to buy a home. When researching neighborhoods, consider the following:

  • Proximity to businesses and services. Look for homes in neighbourhoods close to relevant businesses, such as Cochrane Heights.
  • Know the commute. Knowing how long it takes you to drive from each neighbourhood to your workplace can help you decide whether or not a neighbourhood is right for you.
  • Crime and safety.
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