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Cochrane is a city that celebrates plenty of things from athletes to ambassadors to special events. This city has a deep western heritage. Here is what the city is known for the most.

Cochrane Posse

The Cochrane Posse is a group of men in white shirts, with shiny badges, riding horseback. The cowboys celebrate the historic Cochrane Posse in parades and at events within the city. They are an award-winning group and make appearances in about 20 parades throughout Southern Alberta each year.

The Lions Labour Day Rodeo

One of the biggest and best events of the year in Cochrane is the Rodeo. This event happens on Labour Day weekend and provides plenty of fun. It's put on by the Foothills Cowboy Association and features all the best major and minor

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There are many shops found throughout the Cochrane area. If you enjoy the small boutique shopping experience, this is a great place for you. Many of the shops are owned by locals and provide unique items to their customers. Here are some of the top choices found throughout Cochrane for shopping.

Art Galleries

If you're searching for an art item, there are two great stores to check out. Home Quarter Mercantile on 1st Street West carries plenty of original artwork and they even have some bronzes. Another great gallery for art in Cochrane is called Studio West Foundry & Gallery, which is found on 2nd Avenue SE. They carry all types of sculptures and manufactured art.

Clothing and Apparel

Cochrane is home to three good shops for different types of

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The adventurous person will love spending time at the Capture the Flag Paintball & Airsoft attraction in Cochrane. This attraction provides something you cannot find everywhere. They have one of the largest fields for paintball and airsoft in all of Canada and have been in operation since 1981.

The Field

The very large field is divided into 21 different courses and it covers 116 acres. This filed provides plenty of options for those looking to enjoy paintball and airsoft. Each course provides a different type of terrain. Some of the obstacles found throughout the courses include buses, castles, bunkers, tires, towns, buildings and so much more.

Paintball and Airsoft

There are many playing options for both paintball and airsoft at Capture the

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If you are about to purchase a new home in Cochrane you're going to have to understand house insurance and how it works. Far too many times we hear stories about people that have lost everything from a fire and were not insured. Don't think that this can't happen to you. It can and you need to be prepared for the worst so that you can relax and know that if something terrible were to happen you would be covered.

How much house insurance do I need?

One fatal mistake that a lot of people make is insuring the house according to the value of the possessions, as well as the house. You need to understand that if something were to happen you would have to replace all of these items. The cost of replacement is what needs to be determined when you take out

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Cochrane offers plenty of things to do for different ages. Whether you're looking for something to do as a family, as adults or for the kids, you can find plenty of choices within the area. Here's a look at some of the things you can enjoy doing in Cochrane.

Indoor Options

Cochrane offers a few very good indoor options including:

  • Big Hill Leisure Pool - One of the top attractions
  • Cochrane Lanes - The bowling Alley
  • Nan Boothby - Memorial Library
  • Spray Lake Sawmills - Family Sports Centre

All of these attractions will keep you busy when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor fun.

Outdoor Options

Cochrane is known for the outdoor activities, which are found at many attractions throughout the area. Some of the top outdoor

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"Cochrane Is Christmas Town" is the phrase and it can help you save on many things, at many local stores, while shopping this holiday season. Whether you're a resident or visiting, this phrase can save you 10% off at many participating business, which include restaurants, hotels, shops and more. Participating businesses include:

  • Sweet Temptations - 521 1st Street West
  • Tea Hippie - 110 2nd Avenue West
  • Heavenly Outhouse - 312 1st Street West
  • Legacy Guitar and Coffee House - 214 1st Street West
  • Cochrane Home Treasures - #10 118 1st Avenue West
  • The BullHorn Saloon - 79 Railways Street East
  • The Shoe Closet - 208 1st Street West
  • Wholesale Warehouse - 204 1st Street West
  • The Paisley Boutique - #23, 312 5th Avenue West
  • The Vintage
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