December 2015

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Pipes can freeze and burst over the winter. If you’re leaving your home fore the holidays, the last thing you want to come home to is a flood in your basement.  No heat, no water, no rest for the weary.

One thing you can control is the maintenance of your home and the amount of insurance you have to prepare for catastrophic water events in your home.

Extended Water Coverage

Check your home insurance policy and see if you have extended water coverage.  If you do, you’ll be covered for some types of sewer backups.  These types of events usually happen during a major summer storm, so no problem this time of year.  But if something goes crazy in your neighbourhood or a frost heavy causes a line to break, a sewer back up could occur.  That

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A residential home in the Cochrane community of Sunset Ridge that was designated as a fire hall is being returned to private use.

The Town of Cochrane announced that it will be removing the signs placed on the home at 4 Sunset Square as it has received notice from a new owner that it must vacate.

When the neighbourhood was being developed, the Town had made a deal with the developer to lease the home at a nominal price for the purpose of having firefighting facilities close at hand, similar to an arrangement in the Calgary community of Hidden Valley.

There were no long-range plans put into place when the lease was formalized in 2008 and the plan to turn the home into a fire station was never actualized.

A spokesman for the firefighters

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