November 2016

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Tiny homes are hot right now. There are TV shows dedicated to the design and construction of little wee homes that are well under 400 square feet.

Take Gregg Taylor, a Cochrane area contractor, who built a tiny home for himself. It's only 160 square-feet and is parked on a five-acre parcel of land in Rockyview County. He wanted something affordable and this little home is completely mortgage-free. He wanted a Cochrane home that was environmentally sustainable and off the grid. His little house meets all his requirements. The trouble is, county officials and neighbours aren't happy with him.

In fact, after parking his house on his lot for just a month he was handed a fine of $1,500 by Rockyview County bylaw officials and will be assessed further

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Cochrane families helping other Cochrane families make it through the holiday season is one of the reasons why Cochrane Home Treasures exists.  The annual Christmas charity drive operated by the Treasures for Your Home Society through the Cochrane Home Treasures store has kicked off for another year and this year more than other they’re looking for assistance from the public.

Cochrane Home Treasures is now accepting names of deserving individuals and needy families that need a hand up this Christmas.  Folks that might be in a tight spot financially or are challenged in some way and find that Christmas is a tough time with additional expenses and expectations.

What is Cochrane Home Treasures?

Home Treasures is a non-profit retail store located at

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