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The Griffin Valley Ranch is one of the top attractions for horse rides and camps. They offer up to 16 horse camps with trail rides, pony rides, bar-b-q rides, Indian weddings, camping and so much more. If you want to enjoy plenty of ranch fun, this is the place to go.

At the Griffin Valley Ranch, you can enjoy weekly riding camps during the summer for ages six to 16 and so much more. Hold a corporate event at the ranch or take private lessons. No matter what you choose, the ranch will provide a great experience for everybody.

Guided Trail Rides

For just $45 per person, you can enjoy a one-hour guided trail ride. This trail ride will include plenty of fun for anybody age eight and up.

Unguided Trail Riding

As one of the only venues to

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Cochrane Real Estate Market UpdateAnother month is done, so it's time for us to look at the Cochrane real estate market and see what's gone on. How many homes went up for sale? How many sold? What's the general price trend been like? We're going to dive into what the current market looks like for buyers and sellers, so keep reading to get up-to-speed on the real estate market for April 2022.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Cochrane Real Estate Market Update - New Going Into May 2022

The number of new listings in Cochrane for April 2022 was roughly 187, which is an increase of 17.6% compared to this time last year and an increase of 6.6% year-to-date. Sales have also

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How to Make the Most of a Kitchen RemodelBefore Riversong homeowners start picking out the latest smart refrigerator, it can help to consider the average ROI of each change they make for one of the most important rooms in the home. Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is a way to show off the hardware and gadgets that will ultimately leave the most lasting impressions on future homebuyers. Learn more about what those buyers are looking for before prioritizing any remodeling plans.

Go Small

Minor remodeling jobs tend to have a bigger ROI than larger remodeling jobs. No matter what the market value is of a home, it's somewhat constricted by the surrounding property. In other words, there is a certain amount of leeway when it comes to price range, but that leeway would be difficult to

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What to Look for When Buying a HomeHomebuyers have a difficult job ahead of them when it comes to evaluating a Gleneagles home. If they're too critical, they might never find a property that checks off all their boxes. However, there are certain red flags that buyers not only need to be able to spot, but also to follow up on before they make an offer on the home. Here are four culprits that should be on everyone's list as they search.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Water Damage

Because this system is used constantly, water needs to be in tip-top shape. Any degree of discoloration in the kitchen or bathroom needs to be taken seriously. Sellers may try to cover up water

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What to Know When Remediating Deferred MaintenanceThat great deal on a fixer upper looked wonderful—at the time. Perhaps, the previous owner and their inspectors slid a few neglected systems past buyers at the time of purchase.

Or maybe life has just kept the finances and time under wraps so tightly that homeowners have fallen behind on home maintenance, and the results are starting to show. However the current maintenance situation came into existence, ignoring the home's problems will not make them go away.

If it's finally time for home maintenance remediation, this short guide can help owners exit the ‘deferred' zone and get back on track.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.


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Cabinet Refinishing Help for Homeowners: 4 Useful TipsCabinet refinishing can be a big project for a Cochrane Heights home, requiring many hours of work and a lot of planning. If you've never done this kind of project before, you have a lot to learn about ensuring the work is done properly. These tips can help you through the process.

Set Aside Time

Cabinet refinishing can take time, often a lot of time. For most people, cabinet refinishing cannot be done in a single day or even over a weekend. Even with help, most homeowners need several dedicated days to get the work completely finished. Homeowners who want the work to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible may need to hire a professional who has the right tools and enough employees to get the work done fast.

Draw a Diagram, Label Your

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4 Advantages of Using Drones to Sell Your HomeThere are many strategies homeowners use when trying to sell their home. Whether it’s hiring a professional home stager or doing professional landscaping, there are many ways to attract buyers. Recently, drones have become more accessible, and people have come to use them to take pictures and video of nearly anything—including homes. There are many great reasons why homeowners should use drone photography for their homes. Here are some of the biggest advantages.

Hiring a Drone Operator is Affordable

The biggest reason people automatically write drones off is because they seem like they would be extremely expensive. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be. Drones can actually be extremely affordable, with one session costing between

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Which Home Architectural Style is Right for You?Home architectural styles can vary dramatically. If you're searching for a Bow Meadows home, it's important to recognize that not every architectural style will fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Knowing the different home styles and how they can affect you can help you decide for yourself which architectural styles to focus on when you're looking for a home. Having this information can help you narrow your search.

Want to Age In Place?

Some activities become more difficult when you get older. Specifically, going up and down stairs and performing household chores can become very challenging. For this reason, people who want to age in place usually look for a home that is in good shape and unlikely to need major maintenance or

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Ways to Be Creatively Efficient When You Need to Work from HomeWhether you're telecommuting, writing a book or in the first stages of building an entrepreneurial enterprise, the basic needs for a West Valley home office setup are essentially the same. Here's what to consider before you set up shop:


If a dedicated room is out of the question, try to arrange space that allows a modicum of privacy even when others are at home. Revamp a little-used storage area or walk-in closet, carve a mini-office out of a wide spot in a hallway, or install partitions to create an ell in a corner of another room. As an alternative, pick a part-time bedroom, and equip the space with a convertible sofa or a Murphy bed for guests. Avoid working from your own bedroom, if at all possible.


Assure that

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Considering a Short Sale in Canada? Read This Guide for Sellers FirstHomeowners who are in a pickle concerning making monthly mortgage payments may discover themselves facing the tragic consequences of bankruptcy or foreclosure. However, there is another option known as a short sale that West Terrace homeowners can consider, but the process is complex, and there are numerous requirements to even qualify for one.

First and foremost, the home must currently have a market value below what is owed on it, which is known amid the industry as being ‘underwater.' That being said, lets move on to what a short sale is and the steps sellers should take to successfully navigate the process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with an attorney, tax, or financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate

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