Refinishing Your Cabinets? Tips To Be Successful

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 7:10am.

Cabinet Refinishing Help for Homeowners: 4 Useful TipsCabinet refinishing can be a big project for a Cochrane Heights home, requiring many hours of work and a lot of planning. If you've never done this kind of project before, you have a lot to learn about ensuring the work is done properly. These tips can help you through the process.

Set Aside Time

Cabinet refinishing can take time, often a lot of time. For most people, cabinet refinishing cannot be done in a single day or even over a weekend. Even with help, most homeowners need several dedicated days to get the work completely finished. Homeowners who want the work to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible may need to hire a professional who has the right tools and enough employees to get the work done fast.

Draw a Diagram, Label Your Doors and Drawers

Before removing any doors and drawers from the cabinets, draw a diagram of the cabinets and number each door and drawer on the diagram. When the diagram is finished, write a corresponding number on each cabinet door and drawer. This will prevent you from mixing up the doors and drawers, and will make it easier to return them to their proper place.

Keep Hardware in Sandwich Bags

Remove the hardware (like hinges and knobs) from each door and drawer, and then put each set of hardware in its own individual bag. Label each bag with a permanent marker to indicate which door or drawer the hardware was removed from. This ensures the hardware will be easy to reattach when the time comes.

Remove Old Finish Before Applying New

The old finish on the cabinets must be removed before any new finish can be applied. If it is not, then the new finish may chip away over time. Old finish can be removed with sand paper, or with a deglosser. When using a deglosser, read the instructions carefully to ensure the work is done right.

Not Up to the Task? Work With a Contractor

Cabinet refinishing is a big task. If you're not physically up to the job, hire a professional contractor to get it done. Your contractor will know how to refinish your cabinets quickly. In addition, your contractor may find it easier to get better results, because he or she will have the right tools and experience to get the job done.

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