October 2018

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Outdoor Rooms Offer Added Living Space, Whether Practical or WhimsicalAn outdoor room not only supplies additional living and entertaining space, but can also add substantial value and drama to a home. Depending on how the outdoor space is decorated, it can extend seasonal enjoyment of a home's yard and garden, become a functional and comfortable room for year-round entertaining, or simply serve as a private retreat for reading and quiet conversation.

Work With an Existing Patio

Many homeowners look to renovate existing patio space: Whether a patio is large or small, covered or uncovered, there are numerous ways to extend the square footage and shelter an outdoor room at least partially from sun and rain. It's usually not difficult to extend an existing roof, add a beamed ramada for shade, or blend old and new

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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Real Estate ProfessionalA buyer's real estate agent is their greatest ally during the search for a new home. A good real estate professional will provide critical advice during the negotiation process while also helping the home buyer to narrow their search and stay focused on properties that provide the best value. Without a good real estate agent, the home buyer may find the buying experience to be overwhelming and also challenging. It's difficult to find success in home buying when no one is there to help.

Clearly then, there is a real need to find a real estate agent who is capable and knowledgeable about market fluctuations. Finding the right real estate professional isn't always easy. These tips can help home buyers find the right real estate professional for

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Quick Tips and Tricks to Help You Put Your Home's Best Foot ForwardStaging a home means getting it ready for sale by putting its best foot forward. Sellers should know that staging their home for sale often takes some sacrifices and creates some inconveniences. It also, however, can result in a quicker sale and a higher return. Staging is part art, part decorating and part sales psychology.

Deep Clean

Staging a home starts with a deep cleaning. Everything from carpets to window sills should be cleaned like it was Spring. Some sellers will find that having a home professionally cleaned can be worth the investment.

Make a Good First Impression

The first 30 seconds can be critical in creating a favorable impression of your home. It is why many professionals will recommend purchasing a new steel front door

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