July 2018

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Roofing 101: Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your RoofWhile the most popular types of roofing in Canada typically have a lifespan between 25 and 100 years, it's not uncommon for them to experience a few compromises. Inclement weather, falling debris and extreme temperatures can cause roof damage that can go unnoticed for quite a while. However, homeowners who perform regular inspections can look for signs of damage to determine whether there is a need to repair or replace roofing. Here's how to recognize roof damage and access the best solution for common problems in their River Heights home.

Signs of Roofing Problems to Look For

A visual inspection of the roof's exterior and certain interior areas can help detect minor problems before they become major ones. During the exterior inspection, the

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What You Can Do About Foundation DamageAs the ground shifts and the house settles, it will inevitably put enough stress on the foundation to fracture it. Foundation damage is inevitable in homes of a certain age, but it can nevertheless still feel like a shock to homeowners when it's discovered. That's why it's crucial for homeowners to understand the mechanisms and the nuances of the base of their home—so they can repair it as soon as possible.

Signs of Distress

The home will show signs to a homeowner whether they see it or not, and sometimes those signs can be small. The original warning sign could be as simple as a door or a window sticking just a little or a small puddle that pools near the supports of the home. Because the supports are usually located in the basement, these

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