February 2018

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Four Tips For Showing A HomeNo matter how much inherent beauty a home already has, it's never the wrong idea to make a little extra effort when it comes to a home showing. The good news is that sellers don't necessarily have to break the bank to do it. From brightening up the flower beds to adding a new coat of paint to the garage, there are more than a few cosmetic touches or home improvements that you can make to attract better offers.

Start Outdoors: Curb Appeal Is Key

Homebuyers tend to judge your home by the very first impression, and so neglected exterior and grounds will only attract home flippers or bargain hunters, so it's important to send the right message. Whitewash the siding, invest in a welcome mat, or add friendly house numbers. Buyers often make a

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Hire a Pro or DIY for Common Home Repairs?Some people are born problem-solvers around the home. They're the ones who can rig up a movie projector from an aluminum can and some duct tape, or the ones who can fix the car with sheer force of will. But there's a difference between being handy and being a trained contractor who can safely finish major home renovations. Before you jump into a project that may end up being more trouble than it's worth, keep the following tips in mind.

Threat of Injury

Garage doors, roof eaves, and wiring can be some of the most hazardous aspects of a home. Too many homeowners learn this the hard way when they decide to upgrade or repair a flaw they may not fully understand. Too many homeowners vastly underestimate the dangers of these components and discount

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