July 2016

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Like any growing municipality, there are some traffic challenges in Cochrane. Before more people move to the town, Councilor Morgan Nagel things the roadways should be sorted out before more houses starting being built otherwise the town will "be in trouble."

At the July meeting of town council, Nagel gave notice of motion, suggesting holding off on residential development and in face, freezing permits until some of the congestion in Cochrane has been addressed or until such time that a solution is found.

Nagel actually thinks that the Town of Cochrane can't absorb any more residential development at all, especially since growth has been crazy the past few years. There isn't even suitable capacity for a further 4 or 5% growth in the foreseeable

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The Costs of Selling Your HomeIf you're selling your first home or if it's been a while since you bought and sold your property, you need to figure out a few things when doing the math. If you're calculating commissions, then you've got part of the equation. Check out what you may have to account for when working with your real estate agent when figuring out how much revenue you hope to gain as you come up with a viable list price.

In thinking about your reasons to sell, whether it's to finance another property or change of lifestyle, you need to be realistic about the time it will take to sell and how much it will cost to sell it as well.

Together with your real estate professional, think about the following expenses:

Home Staging

Think this doesn't make a difference?

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